3 Killers We Can’t Get Enough Of

Here are 3 killers in slasher horror we can’t get enough of!

*This is by no means a cohesive list, these are just 3 killers we admire most.

If you haven’t seen the 2009 horror/thriller, The Collector directed by Marcus Dunstan, you’re missing out on a fun and bloody trap-based slasher. Our killer, played by Juan Fernández, is the crafty, strong figure trapping a desperate family in a house. A Must Watch for fans of SAW, The Strangers, Vacancy, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both versions).

Of course, Candyman (1992) makes the list. One of our favorite killers due to the fact you have to call his name 5 times in a mirror in order to summon him, Candyman is iconic for his memorable quotes, “Bee my victim,” and towering presence (thanks to the enigmatic Tony Todd. One of the smarter horror movies on the list, Candyman now has a “spiritual sequel,” in Candyman (2021), directed by Nia DaCosta.

And of course, newcomer Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) makes the list due to a bloody debut in the horror film All Hallows Eve (2013). It goes without saying that the character made an impression because he was given his own film in Terrifier (2016). We watched both films, Terrifier first, and while at first, we didn’t understand his seemingly supernatural nature, we quickly came around. Art is set to return in Terrifier 2 releasing soon and we can’t wait to see what this mute, hilarious, but creepy clown is going to do next.

Have any slasher icons you think deserve their own list? Let us know in the comments and check out more posts below!

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