There’s A New Dead Space on the Horizon. And We’re Stoked!

Kotaku recently shared a new look from Electronic Arts, the company that made the original Dead Space, and, while it is a rough look, it does look promising. You can see the screenshot on Kotaku’s site here.

While there isn’t a release date yet for this super-anticipated not-exactly-a-reboot-or-remake, the developers made it clear they wanted to stay true to the original during the livestream. They went so far as to keep Gunner Wright, the original voice of Isaac Clarke.

If that doesn’t get the fanbase excited and supportive of EA’s efforts, I’m not sure what will. That’s a great way to build extra faith amongst the reasonably apprehensive fans.

There have been talks in the gaming world that Dead Space 3 didn’t do so well because of the micro transactions and co-op story oddly integrated into the plot.

Game Revolution shares, “No, the Dead Space Remake will not have microtransactions.”

With this news it’s hard not to be excited for what’s to come from Dead Space, a science fiction/horror franchise that had quite a following the first time around. (I count myself as a member of that following.)

All we can do is wait (we’re waiting all we can!) with bated breath to see exactly how this franchise is re-imagined in the coming months or years (as there’s yet to be a release date–or console news–announced).

Watch the Developer Livestream

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