Submission FAQ

Can you review my book/film?

Absolutely! However, we must communicate the estimated time of completion which includes the time it would take for me/another to read/view your creative work and provide a coherent, edited review on the site. So the time we agree to a turnaround time ‘till the moment the work is published (which you will be notified of when the review is ready to go up on the site), is the estimated time of completion.

Please note this time can be changed at any time and the author has the right to notify the creator. From there, a new time frame can be worked out or the review can be rescheduled altogether.

The author has the right to change their mind regarding reviewing your work for any reason! (You will, of course, be notified.) 

Can I contribute to the blog?

Absolutely! I welcome any budding or established horror-based authors or filmmakers to contact me via business email ( or through the contact form below to begin discussions on how you can contribute. (Please note, I am not answering any social media messages about Monster Thoughts contribution unless we’ve already started correspondence through them.)

Various methods of contribution are as follows:

  • Independent blog post to be featured on Monster Thoughts.

  • Collaborative blog post with S.C. Parris (as in, we write our reviews of the same work in a conversational way).

  • News of new releases or horror/fantasy events near you. (Yes, you can plug your work on Monster Thoughts!)

  • Short stories, Chapter previews, and more Horror/Fantasy-based literary content. 

Do we get paid for the contribution?

It depends. As this is run by a sole person, and we are a sole broadcaster, we rely on our Patreon community and Podcast subscribers to help pay for contributors. But as we are limited in our funds, we will do special calls on social media or on the blog for certain topics we’d like on the site — those opportunities will be paid. Rates are to be discussed dependent on the type of submission. The rights to all your work are yours in perpetuity.

You can see more ways you can contribute to the podcast and the site here.

Once accepted, what’s my due date for my Contribution?

Generally, to keep content up to date and turn around quick for the blog, I am requiring all agreed-upon articles or blog posts to be uploaded to the site within two weeks. (This is to give you time to gather pictures, do research, get correct sources, live your life…etc.) So if we agree upon an article on a Monday, the second Friday following that Monday, the article should be written and drafted, ready for my review. This is to keep potential contributors to the blog from forgetting our agreement or not submitting the agreed-upon material. Keeps everyone, including me, honest.