Hellraiser Brings Pinhead to Dead By Daylight

On September 3rd, 2021, Dead By Daylight’s developer, Behaviour, posted a short trailer for the upcoming release of their new Killer, Pinhead, to the popular asymmetrical horror game.

Set to release September 7th, this is the 21st Chapter for the franchise. Dead By Daylight has been going for 5 years, only recently losing the license to another popular IP in horror, Stranger Things. Access to the characters Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington, as well as the associated Killer, The Demogorgon, go away November 17th, 2021. Those who have already purchased these characters keep access to them post the cut-off day. The only thing that everyone loses is the Underground Complex Map, or Hawkins Laboratory, which was a huge part of both the Stranger Things’ show and Dead By Daylight.

You can see the short trailer Behaviour shared on Twitter, below.

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