[Interview] Women/Nonbinary Individuals in Horror [AquaBloodttv]

We sat down virtually with AquaBloodTTV, a late-night Twitch streamer to discuss her love of horror video games, her love of streaming, and cosplay.

Monster Thoughts: You’re currently a Twitch Affiliate on the site. What has your experience been like streaming on Twitch and would you recommend it to anyone interested in streaming? Why?

AquaBloodTTV: Streaming on Twitch has been an absolute blessing in my life. I had tried it maybe once or twice many many years ago, but chickened out about 20 minutes in. Last year around this time, I was jobless due to Covid and thought I needed something to occupy my time, and thought “Should…should I start streaming?” and just did it and I have never looked back. Creating a name for myself, and watching a small community be created around me has been such a dream and I just absolutely fell in love with being a streamer, and putting everything I have into doing it full time. Of course there are ups and downs, but all the good FAR outweighs the bad. I would recommend streaming to anyone that has shown interest, and I say that to people all the time. You do have to have a tough skin, and talk A LOT to do it but other than that, I always encourage people to at least give it a try.

MT: Has being LGBTQIA+ hindered streaming for you in anyway? How?

AB: Yes, it definitely has. Unfortunately, as big as the LGBTQIA+ community is, hate always finds it’s way through. I’ve gotten many, MANY people who have come into my stream just to throw hateful words all because I have the LGBTQIA+ tag for my stream, or even just because I was wearing the Pride Flag charm on my character in Dead by Daylight! Some nights, it’s definitely gotten the better of me and I’ve had to end a stream on a sour note. It’s never fun to do that. But meeting so many other streamers in that community have uplifted me so much, and I’ve grown a thicker skin because of it. It doesn’t bother me anymore, I just laugh and let my awesome and amazing mods do their job and keep on keeping on.

No one seems interested when I play other games, and that is okay.

MT: It sucks that people hate people who are just existing. On a lighter note, what’s your favorite thing about streaming and why?

AB: My favorite thing about streaming is getting to meet so many people and getting to know them on so many different levels. I love getting to know people and have them share their lives or daily experiences with me, and I do the same with them! In doing this, I’ve met some of my absolute closest friends that I have ever had, and I even got to ask one of them to be a bridesmaid in my wedding next year! You get your regulars in streams absolutely, but it’s also like an ever revolving door of people and I have no problem with that. I get to see glimpses in to all of these people’s lives, and it’s absolutely fascinating to me. On top of that, the type’s of people I meet are always so welcoming to who I am and what I want to represent. I’m a female streamer who is bisexual and plus size, and I try to unapologetically put myself out there to show myself and be the beautiful bitch that I am!

MT: You are definitely doing that! We love it! Changing gears to horror, real quick, what’s your favorite type of monster? Vampire? Ghost?

AB: I have loved vampires ever since I was a little kid, but I’d have to say my absolute favorite type (if it counts) are cryptids!

Aqua showing off her love of vampires.

MT: Yes! Another vampire lover! But why cryptids?

AB: Specifically, Mothman. I have been absolutely fascinated and captivated by the mysterious Mothman since I was about 9 years old and I have even centered my whole Twitch channel around him, and it’s why everyone calls me the Moth Queen haha! I also just love cryptids because they walk a line so close to reality that there may be some truth to their existence. It’s absolutely fascinating.

MT: What do you enjoy most about spooky season? Why that?

MC: The time of year, at least for me in California, is always the comfiest to me. I love cold weather, rainy days and cloudy gray skies. I do not fancy the sun. So fall time is just my favorite time of the year, and Halloween ties into all of that perfectly. The aesthetic of it all just runs deep into my soul and makes me the happiest out of any other time of the year.

MT: How so?

AB: So I guess I just love the feeling of this time of year, that’s what I love most about spooky season. A soft blanket, rainy weather, a nice cardigan, a mug of hot chocolate and a book about a murder mystery.

Aqua in a cosplay.

MT: I can relate to loving all the cozy things fall brings! How has incorporating your love of horror and streaming benefited you in your streaming career? Do you find like-minded individuals flock to you/your streams because of your streams’ layout/your appearance? If so, has this affected how you communicate with these individuals/your community? How?

MC: So Dead by Daylight, a horror video game, is pretty much the only thing I play on my streams and I’m 100% okay with that! In being obsessed with that game, it is where I got 95% of my following for Twitch. No one seems interested when I play other games, and that is okay. It just means that horror games are my niche, and all the people I get to meet are like minded and share a love for horror and all things spooky! People have definitely came and stayed just because of my layout and my general spooky vibe. I’ve never met so many people who like the same things as me, I was always called… unsavory things for liking horror, gore etc. I’ve finally found a place and a community of people who don’t judge me for it, and it’s amazing! I wouldn’t say it’s affected how I talk to people/ my community, just that they know the kind of person and streamer I am so be prepared to be scared from time to time. It’s also given me the opportunity to try cosplaying for the first time ever! I’ve gotten to do just a few so far, like Lisa Garland from Silent Hill, and I can’t wait to do more for future streams.

Dead by Daylight Cover Art by Behaviour Interactive

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MT: Dead by Daylight is all we play on my streams as well! It’s such a fun, relaxing game for me and my community and I’m glad others feel the same! Aqua, I want to thank you for talking to us about streaming and we hope to catch you in the fog one of these days!

AquaBlood, or Aqua, is a late night affiliated Twitch streamer who primarily plays horror games such as Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia or anything else to get a good jump scare out of. Amateur cosplayer, spooky month lover, passionate about mental health and body positivity, and absolutely obsessed with Mothman.  

You can find AquaBloodTTV at any of her links below!

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