[Interview] Women/Nonbinary Individuals in Horror [ChulatheSithMaster]

We sat down virtually with ChulatheSithMaster, Twitch Streamer, momma, and spooky season lover! We talk a bit about what she prefers streaming now, her favorite horror movie, and favorite horror video games!

Monster Thoughts: What’s your preferred game to stream lately?

Chula: Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Dead by Daylight. Being in a team with other survivors, being chased by a killer has been very thrilling & exciting with its challenges (of course).

I try not to let imposter syndrome hit me when I know I am doing a lot everyday, whether people know it or not.

MT: DBD is a favorite on my streams as well! Favorite horror movie?

Chula: That’s always a tough one, because there are so many great ones. A top mentionable one would be Friday the 13th (1980) The fact that the killer turns out to be something opposite of what most people would think would be, is one thing I love about the movie, among other things. Also this movie started the trope of teens in the woods, the campy killer for years to come in horror films. Its a classic & yet can’t ever really get too old, even with the sequels & remakes. 

Friday the 13th (1980) | New Line Cinema

MT: Ooo you can’t go wrong with the OG! How do you personally balance streaming with family life? Do you find it difficult at times to be a streamer and a mom? 

Chula: It’s definitely hard trying to balance both, I create my schedule based off of my sithlings schedule, & any other extra time & energy I have I do my best to create new content or edit the content I have. I try not to let imposter syndrome hit me when I know I am doing a lot everyday, whether people know it or not. Especially through this pandemic, with them staying home it did cause a change in my schedule. I just like to tell myself one day at a time & hope people understand. It is rewarding also, my oldest looks up to what I do, and has even taking in a coding class to one day ‘make games for streamers to enjoy’ & tells me everyday he’s proud of me for doing what makes me happy. I def want other Streamer Moms or even other gamer moms; to not feel guilty, and its okay for us to be happy & use our ‘me time’ to have fun with games. 

Chula, leader of the Sith Family, her community.

MT: Okay I feel this. The more you have to do, the harder it is to do things you’d like to do. I commend you for making the time though! Favorite horror game to play?

Chula: For this year, I have been loving Phasmophobia & Devour and place them at my top. All time, again tough; would be Silent Hill 2 (2001) or Bioshock (2007). 

MT: Why do you enjoy the spooky season?

Chula: I love it for its mysticism & the cozy weather that comes with it.

MT: How does it make you feel?

Chula: Spooky season just brings happiness to my dark soul. Endless mysteries &, the creativity that so many bring. (Even though I love all things spooky year round, most find it more acceptable around this time.) Spooky games & movie marathons are always the best too, the weather makes it perfect to cuddle up at night with some popcorn, or pan dulce & coffee. 

Chula’s love of Halloween is always present.

MT: Mmmmm popcorn and coffee! It sounds like you have the right idea about how to enjoy this deliciously dark season! We wish the best for you and your streaming career!

ChulaTheSithMaster, Cosplayer & Model; has been streaming on Twitch since early 2015, a Chicana & reconnecting Native. Gaming since childhood & has been a lover of Star Wars; Horror & of course food!  She is a SithMother  & overcame homelessness & also a survivor of Domestic Violence. She tries her best to bring awareness of Domestic Violence when she is able. Her content focuses on a cozy chaotic time with horror & rpgs, while also bringing awareness to cptsd/anxiety. 

You can find Chula at any of her links below!

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