[Interview] Women/Nonbinary Individuals in Horror [Dannaka]

We sat down virtually with DannakaDragon, horror filmmaker, owner of Dark Dungeons Productions, and co-owner of fantasy-based fashion store, Fable Fashion.

Monster Thoughts: You write and direct horror films via your production company, Dark Dungeon Productions, one of which I’ve had the honor of reviewing on the site. Are you ever worried what the reaction would be uploading your films to Youtube? How do you overcome these fears if you experience them?

Dannaka: I definitely get anxiety and fears uploading to YouTube. I’m very hard on myself with my short films and art so I definitely have those feelings, I also tend to compare myself to others but I try my hardest not to. The way I try to overcome these feelings is to remember that I’m making these films because I love them and that everyone has to start somewhere! I have such a passion for filmmaking that I need to just keep going! I’m going to be posting two short films soon, so be on the lookout for that! 


Read my review of Dannaka’s short film, The Zombie Curse below:

The Zombie Curse: Scary Short Film | Review

Dark Dungeon Productions is home to several ‘made-with-heart’ short horror films by one Dannaka Cox (she holds the screen name of Dannaka fx on Twitter).The one we’re gonna talk about today is The Zombie Curse, uploaded to Youtube on April 26, 2020.Continue Reading

If you’ve got the passion for it and have the time to film then you should start making your own movies.

MT: I can relate to being hard on the art one creates, but I’m glad you focus on your love of creating the films. You also enjoy creating special effects makeup looks. Can you tell us a bit about the looks you’ve created and why you enjoy the art?

Dannaka: One of my favorite movies is An American Werewolf in London. I remember watching the werewolf transformation and I was mesmerized by the makeup and the story. Especially with horror movies, the makeup can be so important. I love to create my own characters and special effects is a way I love to do that. I want to eventually make my own creatures and incorporate them into my short films! 

MT: Someone else mentioned loving the transformation scene as well when I interviewed them, and I could only agree. It definitely stays with you. Favorite horror movie (that’s not one of your own )? 

Dannaka: It’s so hard to just pick one so I’ll say a few I love! Trick r Treat, An American Werewolf in London, The Faculty, The Thing, & A Nightmare on Elm Street

MT: All excellent choices! You also enjoy fashion. Last I knew you’d created a store with a friend for fantasy-art creations. Is that still on the table or have you started focusing on other endeavors instead?

Dannaka: Fable Fashion is still on the table! We took a small break from marketing ourselves out but we are currently working on new designs & pushing out content. & I’m excited to announce my own store of my own art that is coming soon! I’ll have fantasy, horror, dragons, animals, original character designs and more on clothing, prints, stickers, etc! Keep on the lookout for my other small business coming soon! 

MT: Will do! Any advice to aspiring film makers who want to break into the industry or start their own production companies?

Dannaka: My advice is to just start doing it! If you’ve got the passion for it and have the time to film then you should start making your own movies. The filmmaking industry can be difficult to get into but I always believe that you should follow your passions and dreams if they’re truly important to you and just start making your own shorts and make ones with friends or people in your community, you never know what opportunities may come until you try! I don’t believe you have to be in Hollywood or have a bunch of money to be called a filmmaker, take criticisms as you go along but always stay close to your heart in what you’re creating. Good luck! 🙂 


MT: I love that advice. I did the same when I started writing my books. I just did it because it was fun and I loved it. Well, we want to wish you the best with your filmmaking career and Fable Fashion!

Dannaka loves creating her own art and films. Fantasy, Horror, & Sci-Fi are her favorite genres to explore. She also loves video games, makeup, & fashion! 

You can find Dannaka at any of her links below!

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