[Interview] Women/Nonbinary Individuals in Horror [DarkShichi]

We sat down virtually with DarkShichi, a Twitch variety streamer to discuss Twitch payouts, being a Fanhouse creator, and how important it is for her to be part of a stream team.

Monster Thoughts: How long have you been streaming, and in that time, how has streaming affected you? Positively or negatively? Both? If either, please let us know how, if both, please let us know how.

DarkShichi: I have been streaming seriously for close to 1 year at this point. I would say it has effected me positively because I am stepping into my own power and creating a platform that I am proud of.


Insidious is my favorite.

MT: We love to hear it! How has it been creating a Fanhouse for your content? Do you find your community has been receptive to other avenues of support besides Twitch? Have you had any resistance? If so, why do you think that is?

DS: The content for Fanhouse creates itself for me because it’s the content that I don’t post anywhere else and a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. Most of my community is tied to Twitch and not many know what Fanhouse is so it’s a lot of educating people on what it is and what kind of support it actually gives. The biggest is letting people know that unlike Twitch that takes 50%, Fanhouse takes a MUCH smaller portion. For example, I set my subscription price to $9.99 a month. After Fanhouse takes their cut I get $8.99 of that.

Darkshichi chilling.

MT: That’s a huge cut! Switching gears for a bit, you’re a member of the Black Girl Gamers Stream Team, a massively popular stream team for Black streamers. What has your experience been while in the community thus far? Do you feel you’ve had access to more opportunities than you would have if you hadn’t joined?

DS: I have found my tribe with the Black Girl Gamers. They are always willing to help or give guidance. There is always someone down to play a game or provide feedback. The opportunities they have opened up for me I don’t think I would have gotten without their help.

MT: I’m so glad they’ve been such a positive resource for you. Because it’s Monster Thoughts, to borrow a line of a wildly popular horror movie, what’s your favorite scary movie? Why that one?

DS: Insidious is my favorite. It just has such a good music score and the twists and turns of the story are so good to me.

Insidious (2010) | Blumhouse Productions

MT: Listen, I can talk about Insidious all day! But I’ll spare you. Favorite thing about Halloween?

DS: Dressing up! It’s the one day you can be ANYTHING you want and I think that’s dope.

MT: Dressing up is always fun! Any advice for potential Black women streamers looking to start streaming?

DS: Turn off the viewer counter and just jump in. I started on PlayStation streaming Overwatch with no camera and look where I am now. If you need any advice or help I am available along with many other groups who are waiting for you to reach out.

MT: Agreed! Reaching out to learn is often the best way to get new insight! DarkShichi, I want to thank you for sitting down with us and we look forward to seeing where your streaming career takes you!

DarkShichi is an AfroLatinx streamer that stands on a platform of gaming as an outlet and supporting charities in and around my community. She play/stream games like GTA Roleplay, Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve Together, Apex Legends, Among Us, Splitgate, Shotgun Farmers, The Sims, and more.  She also love to knit and talk about food.

You can find DarkShichi at any of her links below!

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