[Interview] Women/Nonbinary Individuals in Horror [Imfamousx1x]

We sat down virtually with Imfamousx1x, Twitch streamer and community manager, to discuss what her most rewarding moments in streaming have been, how it feels to have been an 1000 Dreams Fund recipient, her love for SAW, and more!

Monster Thoughts: As a streamer, what has been the most rewarding moments for you? The least rewarding? What have you learned from both and have they aided or hindered your streaming in any way?

Imfamousx1x: My most rewarding moment was helping and teaching women of color how to play APEX and casting the tournament mainly because I know how games can be intimidating and a lot of folks
would rather down you or belittle you for not being great at a game from the start. But to hear how much they were inspired and the fun they had being in a safe space meant a lot to me.

The least rewarding I would say is being denied Twitch Partner. You work as hard as you can with very few opportunities and then when you finally get to the gold ring, it’s snatched away from you. Just to see others achieve it with less work is defeating.

What I learned from both is there are other doors and journeys you can take. Teaching APEX has aided me: I’ve been able to cast other events and work with other companies, not getting Partner left me demoralized and I’ve been fighting to get my confidence back.

MT: What’s something you’d share with an aspiring streamer whose goal is to reach Twitch’s Partner Program?

IM: Honestly don’t make that your only goal, make many goals working with a particular company, being on the front page, making a stream team, getting a certain number of followers but also make personal goals outside of content creation so you can feel not only just proud of where you came, but on the days where you might not make that goal as quick as others, you can remind yourself of how far you have come.

Has Twitch come a long way? Yes. Does it have a long way to go? YES.

MT: You’ve accomplished quite a bit as a streamer especially with becoming a BroadcastHER recipient of the 1000 Dreams Fund. How has the fund helped your streaming career, and would you recommend other streamers apply for the fund? Why?

IM: I love this question. So winning that grant not only helped me build the beautiful PC that I own but I’m also part of a space that wants to see me and so many others grow. Dreams become a reality, and yes I recommend it. It took 4 times applying before I even got my grant, so don’t let you not getting it the first time discourage you. There are also so many new and different opportunities that the 1000 Dreams Fund is doing but content creation of any form is expensive so if help is there please at least try. Also, the community is always trying to uplift and connect so it’s really a great place to be.

Imfamous as a BroadcastHER Initiative Nominee.

MT: I can see how that can help one with their content. What is the most important thing in streaming for you? Is it the community? Creating your own space on the internet? Having your own show? And why?

IM: The most important thing to me is

  1. Enjoying what you do. If you love a type of game then love it, if you want to do makeup then do it.
  2. Would be genuine organic community.

Because yes folks can give you all these follows, but to have people who rock with you through good and bad, who celebrate your joys but send virtual hugs when you’re down, I would rather have a community like that and never get Partner than a community of toxic, I’m-only-here-cause-you’re-popular-this-month-or-cause-drama-is-going-on-community.

MT: That makes complete sense. I’m the same with my streams and community. Do you have any thoughts or ideas on how Twitch can fix its platform to make it safer and better for its streamers?

IM: The thing is I’ve been on Twitch as a viewer for 6 years and a content creator for 5 in November. Has Twitch come a long way? Yes. Does it have a long way to go? YES. We need more opportunities that are not just during Black History Month, Women’s Month, LGBTQIA Month, AAPI month, etc.

We need to have our own folks in these offices that can help with this, we also need a mid-tier between Partner and Affiliate. The jump is so big and it’s not an easy path, but nothing is being done to help a person feel they are on the right path. Also if a content creator is not child-friendly, they shouldn’t be punished in viewership for having that on or making that content ESPECIALLY when we see most of Twitch ain’t 13, just saying.

MT: You know, you’re right. There definitely needs to be more of a movement to support streamers outside of designated months. And there should be a between stage for Partner and Affiliate, I agree. Quick change of topic, favorite horror movie series ever and why?

IM: Lol, aw, I have to choose? Um, I would have to say SAW for me mainly because I think a small part of me liked the testing that was being done to see what folks would really do to survive. I feel I would do something like that if I was in a horror film. The human brain and behavior have always fascinated me plus if you have ever seen Jigsaw gizmo, you see how cute it is.

OK, that was off-topic but yeah I would have to say SAW.

SAW | Lionsgate Pictures

MT: Not off-topic at all! You answered the question! Here’s another spooky-season-themed one: What are you looking forward to most this October?

IM: COSTUMESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I want to see looks and cosplays. I want to see vampires, witches, and whatever else people want to dress up and wear. As a cosplayer, I love seeing folks express themselves through costumes and I know this is one of the few times others feel safe doing it. I have been encouraging people like “So you’re dressing up, right? You doing some makeup, right?” Lol. So that is what I’m excited about. Oh, and BOOTS! Fall season boots are a vibe for me lol. 

Imfamousx1x while streaming.

MT: We love our boots here at Monster Thoughts! Imfamous, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and we wish you the best on the rest of your streaming career!

Imfamousx1x is a variety content creator, cosplayer, caster/host, and mental health ambassador. Through her content, she promotes mental health awareness and education, diversity in gaming and spaces, and positive self-perception, and loving your individuality through the enjoyment of gaming.

You can find Imfamousx1x at any of her links below!

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