[Interview] Women/Nonbinary Individuals in Horror [LuciaEverblack]

We sat down virtually with Lucia, trans Twitch charity streamer, Peer2Peer Live dev, and software engineer who specializes in user interfaces and accessibility.

Monster Thoughts: You’re a Twitch Streamer who donates all of her income from the platform to charity, and a member of Sidequest, the charity-based stream team. All of this charity work is commendable. What led to you wanting to become a charity streamer and do you think it has had an effect (positive or negative) regarding your growth on the platform?

Lucia Everblack: I don’t think I ever intended to become a charity streamer; it sort of just happened over time. My original stream before coming out was really just generic gamer content and it wasn’t really until I fully embraced my trans identity that I started to realize just how important streaming could be. Over time I realized that I had a platform that could be used for good and to help others out. Seeing the impact that even a few dollars could have on someone really made me appreciate what I was doing. 

The biggest pitfall of being a charity streamer is that you tend to look after yourself last. There is also a lot of pressure to constantly be helping others out and worrying about whether or not you are going to hit your next charity goal. This can lead to a vicious cycle of burnout. The overall effect is that it does impact your growth because you need more time to recharge and I’ve definitely found myself taking a lot of breaks over the year. 

Lucia’s commissioned artwork.

MT: I agree that not looking out for yourself is a bad thing you can do. You’re a Peer2Peer Live dev. The site is a useful tool for finding Queer, non-White individuals in the streaming sphere. What was the journey like creating or helping to create this platform for marginalized individuals who could’ve used a boost pre-updated-Twitch-tags?

Lucia: Helping to create Peer2Peer will forever be one of my most cherished accomplishments. It was a very long and arduous process with many sleepless nights. Most people don’t realize how many revisions we made to the original site and the ideas surrounding it. At one point it was completely redesigned from the ground up. There were so many more features that we had to table for launch and I hope that one day we can get back to implementing them all. 

Seeing how people responded to the site gave me some much needed energy. For the first time people were finally able to connect with others in a way that they really couldn’t have before. I have to believe that somewhere along the lines after our launch that Twitch staff saw our site and that hopefully made them realize just how powerful identity based tagging is. Even though Twitch didn’t really go about it in the same way, I’m still glad they eventually implemented tags. I always joke with the other P2P people that we are all still waiting for a royalty check from Twitch but will probably never see it. 

I absolutely love it when the leaves start to turn.

MT: I’m glad you helped create Peer2Peer live and it was able to positively impact so many people. As a trans, non-binary streamer, you’ve undoubtedly faced vitriol on Twitch from trolls, transphobes, and haters. How do you navigate those moments when they unfortunately arise and do you have any advice for aspiring trans and/or non-binary streamers to better prepare themselves for it?

Lucia: The response largely deals on a number of factors. Usually with just one troll I can find a way to turn their horrible comment into content for myself and dunk on them. I’ve had a lot of fun doing that and some of my best clips are of me doing that as well. When there are a large number of people, such as with the hate raids, I rely heavily on my amazing team of moderators who do a great job of making sure everyone is safe. That doesn’t mean things don’t’ get to me though, and it requires a lot of behind the scenes self care and a few protection rituals to ensure I’m reducing the impact their words have on me. 

For anyone LGBTQUIA2+ looking to get into content creation, just know that for each anonymous coward of a troll online there are far more real people out there that care about who you are and want you to succeed. Things can get really scary and downright painful so make sure you have a good support structure in place. Have moderators who can look out for you and always have an escape plan handy if you need to get away from a bad online experience. 


MT: I love this answer. Turning it on them is the best thing you can do besides resting when needed. What’s your favorite thing about the fall, if you’re into it? Favorite thing to do on a windy, perhaps rainy day?

Lucia: I absolutely love it when the leaves start to turn. The colors of fall are simply the best and no other season can compare. During the fall I prefer those gloomy cloudy days and I love spending them in cemeteries and walking through the woods. The crisp cool air is also another really nice aspect of the season and when you combine that with everyone else it truly is a divine experience. 

MT: I agree, though I hate the cold, I like the cool. Fall is a great in-between of Summer and Winter for me. Preferred horror movie to throw on when you don’t know what to watch? Why that one?

Lucia: It would probably have to be The Thing. That movie has withstood the test of time and doesn’t really feel aged to me. The visual effects are so creepy and I love all the subtle details in it. The puppets are so gross too! There’s also something about the isolation and paranoia that just works so well in it. I’ll never forget that scene with the dogs because the first time I saw it I was a kid and it messed me up forever. I could never look at my dog again the same way.

It’s such a shame the reboot prequel was so bad because it had so much potential to tie itself to the original. The CGI was sooo bad it was a disgrace and I refuse to believe that it is related to the original movie. It would be cool to see someone do another Thing movie with practical effects that maybe covers what happens next. Seeing a larger scale infection would be amazing. 

The Thing (1982) | Universal Pictures

MT: I just talked to Elladiablo98 about The Thing. It didn’t do it for me at the time but I think it deserves a rewatch if two of my interviewees are talking about it so favorably. Favorite game to play on and off stream?

Lucia: My favorite game to play on stream….. you’re going to hate me for this…..but its honestly Marbles on Stream. I do a lot of just chatting and its the perfect thing to play when I just want to hang out with people and talk. Off stream is a different story though, I think it is a tie between No Man’s Sky and Back 4 Blood. They are both very different games and fulfil a different set of needs. NMS helps with the creative chill side while Back 4 Blood helps satisfy my blood lust. Both games are truly incredible for their respective genres and I cannot get enough of them. 

I’m also a huge nerd for anything that is survival crafting: 7 Days to Die, Ark, even Minecraft. The problem is that it is always so hard to find people who are willing to play those games long term which is always a bummer. Ark is so much fun but you really do need a dedicated group of people to get the best experience out of it. I really hope I can catch whatever the next big game is in that category when it comes out. 

MT: No! I love Words on Stream so I totally get it! Games you can play with your community will always be superior in my eyes. I’ve enjoyed Back 4 Blood myself so I can see why you do as well! I want to thank you for virtually sitting down with me to talk streaming, development, and being LGBTQIA+ in the streaming space. I also want to thank you for all you do and know that we all appreciate it!

Lucia Everblack is a non-binary transgender woman, trans activist, and online content creator. She spends most of her time educating people about trans issues and empowering people within her community. Her hobbies include collecting oddities, creating music and walking Zoey, her dog. You can find Lucia literally everywhere on Twitter and on Twitch!

You can find Lucia at any of her links below!

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