[Interview] Women/Nonbinary Individuals in Horror [SailorDovi]

We sat down virtually with SailorDovi, queer Latinx horror and charity streamer. We discuss what’s fulfilling about streaming for her, how it was growing up queer in a religious Latinx family, her love of the cult-classic, Scream.

Monster Thoughts: What would you say is your favorite thing about being a streamer? What is fulfilling about it for you?

SailorDovi: My favorite thing about being a streamer is being able to reach people from all over the world – getting to know them, building friendships, a community, and fundraising (something I’ve been wanting to do more often).

SailorDovi on Instagram.

MT: What are your favorite charities to champion on your streams? Why those?

SD: I’ve helped raise money for The Trevor Project twice and currently raising money for Latinx In Gaming every Sunday for Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month. LGBTQIA+ organizations/charities are very important to me, growing up queer in a religious Hispanic household was extremely hard, violent, and lonely and I wish I had the information, love and support when I was a child. Latinx in Gaming because (being Latinx myself) helps people in the community to grow as professionals in the gaming industry – something you don’t see very often and I would like to see more visibility. For October I will be part of Ghouls4Charity where a lot of amazing content creators will help raise money and fight anti-trans legislation – no Terfs on our turf 😉.

MT: That’s so commendable that you and your community are giving back to queer youths and Latinx youths through charity. As a queer streamer yourself, do you face issues such as trolls, homophobes, or hate raids, and if so, what advice do you have for others who have dealt with these issues in terms of protecting their communities?

SD: Now that tags are a thing on Twitch I do find myself in situations where I’ll get the occasional edgy troll asking irrelevant questions or trying to say homophobic/transphobic slurs but they get automatically banned from my channel. The best advice I can give to any streamer would be to get the guide the wonderful Emily made for streamers: https://hateraidresponse.carrd.co/ – The work she and many people behind the scenes have done for the public is incredible and worth mentioning. Another person to that deserves a mention would be Sery – He created a bot against hate raids and it’s the best tool you could have in your stream.

MT: The bots created have definitely been a major help in handling these raids. How important is your community to you? What events and/or moments are the most memorable to you about your community and/or streams?

SD: My community is very important to me because a lot of them are people I consider friends, especially the ones that stayed even when I stopped playing certain games. I’ve had great laughs playing Heroes of the Storm, Overcooked 2, and Terraria.

Clips: https://www.twitch.tv/sailordovi/clip/DeterminedSplendidTrollBlargNaut

MT: What is your favorite horror movie and why? The most memorable scene in horror for you?

SD: My favorite horror movie would be Scream. Besides loving the 90’s vibes/aesthetic (I am a 90’s kid) and the great cast, what I find terrifying about the movie is that they are just high school kids. It’s an evil that you know, someone that could be your friend or your boyfriend (spoiler? đŸ˜œ) . The intro of the movie is just SO good, one of the best things Drew Berrymore has done for sure. 

Drew Berrymore in Scream (1996) | Dimension Films

MT: Are you a Halloween fan? What does Halloween mean for you and why?

SD: Hell yeah I am a Halloween fan! Specially because my birthday is very close to the holiday and since I was younger my birthdays have always been celebrated during that day.

MT: Hell yeah! Halloween is such a wonderfully festive time! I want to thank you Dovi for sharing your story with us!

Dovi is a proud Immigrant, neurodivergent, queer Latinx streamer that loves a good visual novel, Among Us, cute RPGs, and some mobas.

You can find SailorDovi at any of her links below!

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