[Interview] Women/Nonbinary Individuals in Horror [xSinSisterx]

We sat down virtually with xSinSisterx, Twitch Streamer and horror lover to talk streaming and Netflix’s Midnight Mass!

Monster Thoughts: As a streamer who loves horror, but doesn’t solely focus on horror-based video games, what is your favorite horror-based game to play? Why that one?

xSinSisterx: Being a horror fanatic has its perks. You get excited at the sight of seeing the leaves change from that ugly navy green to that beautiful ember of orange and yellow. All the theaters (or, in this case, Streaming Platforms) start to make an abundance of horror/Thriller flicks that are usually hit or miss. And who came to forget the smell of that piping hot Chocolate that has been brewing on the stove with the temperature outside being -66 degrees life..is…AMAZING! But Today is solely about horror games…

Now I know a lot of big company base games are all the hype & some people find indie horror games to be “cheeks” but, some indie horror games actually slap. My favorite Indie horror game(s) consist of having a great story; that is the most crucial part; if the story is dry, then so is my attitude towards it. So far, my all-time favorite horror game is Twelve Minutes, Now before you say this isn’t technically a horror game, you are sorely mistaken. Just think about it; the main character has to go in a time warp in his imagination to cope with the awful things he has been doing to his “wife” for years. The psychological manipulation of making her live with long, painful guilt was eating him up inside. And besides turning into a psycho killer, he developed a hysterical mindset that turned out to either not work out in his favor or make his life even better. I am a big psychological horror/thriller buff so this game has my heart currently.


Films like these make you sit there and think; there is always something symbolic going on either in the background or right in front of you.

MT: I’ll have to look it up! How does it feel being a Black woman in the streaming world who plays horror games? Have you noticed yourself being treated differently compared to your White counterparts? Have you been treated differently streaming as a Black woman playing the games you play?

xSin: Being a black woman in the horror streaming community is usually a hit or miss. I believe that many black people know that if we ever want to stand out from our peers, especially our white counterparts, we have to work twice as hard and twice as long as anyone else in this industry. And that frustrates me sometimes. I see a lot of my fellow black streamers (not just Horror) grinding their butts off just to get poor motivation from anyone else. I don’t want to make this all about race, of course, but if you know, you know. As for me being treated differently as a Black streamer, I would say yes.

MT: How so?

xSin: Only because I’m different, not by color but just by my energy. I make it clear in my channel trailers that I’m not a “bubbly” person all the time, but I am very welcoming with anyone that comes into my streams; Hell I have a supporter who is currently homeless and broke, and I give him $20 every day I stream for food. Especially with all the hate raids and things that went on, I saw more support from those who were “allies” and felt “bad” for me during that moment that now that it is over, they are nowhere to be found (besides my day ones). But that’s how it always is; as a black streamer, people in your same situation will ride that coat tail and expect something in return. If you don’t give it to them, you will never see them again. Bur being a part of such amazing women communities such as BlackGirlGamers, BrownGirlGamerCode, ScreamReapers & MelaninGamers, have assured me that I can keep my head up and produce exceptional content no matter what. Numbers are just an illusion; just put that headset on queen and vibe.

MT: What’s your preferred horror movie genre to watch? Why that one?

xSin: As I mentioned above, my favorite horror genre to watch is psychological horror films. Things like Midsommer, Hereditary, The Orphan, Get Out etc., are always my go-to films. Films like these make you sit there and think; there is always something symbolic going on either in the background or right in front of you. I love picking apart the film concept and re-watching it the next hour to see anything I may have missed, and you’d be surprised how many clues slip right under our noses this way.

MT: What’s the most recent horror tv show/movie you’ve watched? What did you think about it? Would you recommend it to our readers?

xSin: The most recent Horror tv show I have watched is Midnight Mass on Netflix. I thought the show was pretty good for what it was. The writing was a bit stale and could have lasted longer If they didn’t try to make it rush right to the climax. It is something I would recommend to someone to go watch and see for themselves. It truly is one of those films that can’t be described with only a few words.

Midnight Mass (2021) | Intrepid Pictures

MT: I’ll have to give it a try! Why do you enjoy the Halloween season?

xSin: The Halloween season is always a vibe! Anyone that knows me knows I LOOOOVE to bake. I will legit make you an entire apple pie for no reason, just because Tis’ the season. Also, that’s when all the horror freaks come out, and it is such a fantastic sight; I love the cosplay I love the restaurant promotions like HALLOWEEN DOUGHNUTS!?!? And I may or may not get a tattoo every Halloween…I promise I don’t have a problem. Nothing says spooky like getting a needle stabbed in you for 8hrs then going home to bundle up with your furry baby and watch Conjuring for the 111th time.

The Conjuring (2013) | New Line Cinema

MT: I love your enthusiasm for baking the fall season. Haha. It’s infectious. As a member of both the ScreamReapers and Black Girl Gamers stream team, has the sense of community through both streams been a large one? How has either stream team helped your streaming career?

xSin: Being in the BGG & SR has been such an amazing experience; I’d say I get love from both ends, and I have made such amazing friends in both (one of which is writing this article hey girl hey <3); numbers have never been important to me, but both of these communities have boosted my confidence in myself that I can indeed be whatever I want and still get love doing it. I love the horror movie nights in Scream Reapers & the anime nights in BGG; it’s just like family, and I have never been happier.

MT: Any advice for aspiring streamers?

xSin: To anyone thinking about streaming…Just do it like honestly. I know going into this, you may think you need to buy the most expensive things to make your stream look “tolerable” so people will stay, but you are wrong. People who genuinely find you entertaining and vibe with you will always be your day 1’s. Do not fall for the “Follow for Follow” scams…please, and do not buy followers/views. And I can go ahead and tell you right now, no, your family is not going to watch you, lol, and that is fine. The point of streaming to me is for you to find your own family within this community & if you ever need anything, you can always hit me up; I am always free to answer any more questions you may have <3

MT: I want to thank you for sharing your streaming journey with us, and we look forward to where streaming takes you next!

xSinSisterx is a Psychology Major Badass Queen who indulges herself in the wonderful world of FPS & Horror indie games. She loves to do hot challenges on her channel & loves to speak about the latest trending topics with her viewers. She streams from 4 PM EST to 9 PM EST and she is always down to play games with people! Some games she plays on her channel are Phasmophobia, Ghost Hunting Corp, Apex, B4B, and Warzone! She loves meeting new people!

You can find xSinSisterx at any of her links below!

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