[REVIEW] Dark Dungeon Productions Brings The Horror During The Pandemic With A Fun Super Short Film, ‘A Scary Book Before Bed’

Dark Dungeon Productions director, producer, and writer, Dannaka Cox (who I interviewed for the Women in Horror Month 2021 series in October) asked me to review her horror short, A Scary Book Before Bed, a month ago.

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It’s a quick exposition-less short film (2:03), that has all the makings of a short film: we enter in the middle of an action, a twist is revealed, and as with many horror films, another twist ties it altogether…or does it?

It was a fun, quick watch that I would recommend to horror lovers short on time.

And how can one not love the product placement?!

You can view the short film below:

S.C. Parris (she/her)
S.C. Parris (she/her)

is the author of The Dark World series (2016-2022), owner of Monster Thoughts.com, host of the Monster Thoughts Podcast, and streams on Twitch when she’s not writing.

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