The Sexiest and Scariest Villains from Patrick Bateman to Jason Voorhees

By utilizing the golden ratio* alongside Twitter data, created a scoring system to determine the scariest and sexiest Halloween villains to ever have graced our screens.

The scariest Halloween villains

RankingVillainScary Tweets(per 100,000)Golden Ratio %(Proximity to Golden Ratio)Scary Score /100
1Jason Voorhees33706.9715.94%98.06
2Michael Myers26206.138.50%70.35
3Freddy Krueger35015.2562.37%65.89
8Norman Bates11592.2979.37%19.46
9Patrick Bateman7090.483.53%18.64
10Hannibal1317.5584.00%8.91 found that the scariest Halloween villain is Jason Voorhees, who tops the table by far with a ‘scary score’ of 98.06/100. With rumors of a new Friday the 13th movie on the horizon, horror fans all over the world are rediscovering the terror of Voorhees’ silent yet murderous on-screen rampages. 

In second place comes another classic horror villain, Michael Myers, with a ‘scary score’ of 70.35/100. Known for his white-painted Captain Kirk mask and insatiable bloodlust, Myers first appeared in the 1978 horror hit Halloween and has continued to terrorize our screens as part of the subsequent franchise for almost half a century. 

The terrifyingly claw-gloved Freddy Krueger from the 1984 horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street comes in third place, with a ‘scary score’ of 65.89/100.

Hannibal ranks in tenth place as the least scary Halloween villain, with a ‘scary score’ of only 8.91/100. Despite a sufficiently sinister characterization by Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs (1991), it is possible that the Hannibal fear factor may have dimmed with Mikkelsen’s recent portrayal.

The sexiest Halloween villains

RankingVillainSexy Tweets(per 100,000)Golden Ratio %(Proximity to Golden Ratio)Sexy Score /100
1Patrick Bateman178.9183.53%94.97
=2Norman Bates184.8479.37%94.02
4Freddy Krueger192.1462.37%84.11
9Michael Myers97.238.50%46.60
10Jason Voorhees122.6415.94%32.95

=represents a joint score

According to, the sexiest Halloween villain is Patrick Bateman, with a near-perfect ‘sexy score’ of 94.97/100. Famously portrayed by Christian Bale in the film adaptation of American Psycho, Bateman’s striking features earned him an impressive 83.53% against the golden ratio.

In second place, Hannibal, as played by Mads Mikkelsen in the eponymous NBC series, joins Norman Bates of Psycho with a ‘sexy score’ of 94.02/100. In fourth place is Freddy Krueger, with a curiously high ‘sexy score’ of 84.11/100, making him technically more sexy than scary.

In terms of the least sexy Halloween villains, the masked Jason Voorhees is in tenth place with a ‘sexy score’ of 32.95/100. Known as the machete-wielding killer in the Friday the 13th film series, Jason’s distinctive hockey mask earned him a mere 15.94% score against the golden ratio.

Where do you stand (or scream) on the sexiest villain? The scariest? Sound off in the comments!

S.C. Parris (she/her)
S.C. Parris (she/her)

is the author of The Dark World series (2016-2022), owner of Monster, host of the Monster Thoughts Podcast, and streams on Twitch when she’s not writing.

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