[News] “The Unliving” Demo Takes Over The World Today

Ever wanted to rule the undead?

Well now you can.

Team17 and RocketBrush Studio have released the demo for the dark fantasy RPG, The Unliving.

Team17 is “independent games label and creative partner for studios around the world that leads and nurtures without compromising our independent spirit,” according to their website. They’ve had a hand in helping award-winning games like Overcooked!, Worms, Moving Out, and Golf With Your Friends to gamers everywhere.

RocketBrush Studio is “a game art outsourcing studio creating concept art, 2D art, and 3D assets for game developers worldwide. [Their] game art studio has contributed to the development of Paradox Interactive, Supercell, and more amazing projects that you can see in their portfolio” from their website.

The Unliving developed by Rocketbrush Studio.

About The Unliving:

Raise the dead as a fearsome Necromancer in the dark world of The Unliving! Lead your undead armies into the endless fight in this rogue-lite action RPG. Burn cities to ash with devastating magic spells, slay epic bosses and turn your enemies into morbid servants.

from The Unliving website.
Gif of the Necromancer raising the dead.

The demo will be live on Steam from 4pm BST. Converted to other times that’s




The demo allows players a peek at one level, a boss fight that involves escorting an engorged undead ally to a location. The player is granted 40 abilities and undead upgrades to try. one of which includes a blood wave, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Key features of The Unliving:

  1. Turn enemies into obedient undead minions: Reincarnate fallen foes into loyal soldiers that obey every command
  2. Sacrifice the undead: The Necromancer can sacrifice members of his undead legions to release powerful spells that can change the course of the battle
  3. Enjoy hand-drawn levels: The world of The Unliving is procedurally generated from a selection of meticulously crafted and highly detailed pixel art
  4. Death is only the beginning: Through each permadeath players will be resurrected, keeping their progression and unlocks, each attempt better equipping the Necromancer to take on the challenges that lurk in the shadows  
  5. Overcome grueling bosses: Powerful creatures prowl the wilderness, waiting for their chance to take down the Necromancer, each boasts its own fighting style and abilities, requiring strategic gameplay to overcome
  6. Unlock the secrets of necromancy: Cryptic notes, coerced information, and ancient artifacts will be instrumental in piecing together the truth behind the necromancer’s immortality, and the unnatural abilities he wields.

Launching with Early Access in 2022, The Unliving is currently available to be wishlisted on Steam. Don’t miss out on this fun, undead adventure.

See the demo trailer for The Unliving below:

You can find more about The Unliving at the links below:

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